Net up! Third project week 2021 in Lithuania 18. to 26.09.2021

Due to Corona, we were only able to salvage nets this year during our operation off the island of Rügen in June. All the greater was our motivation this week to finally continue with the work on our wrecks in Lithuania. This week we had active support from the diving group Greenpeace Germany. The underwater work on the nets was led as always by Tom Kürten from Baltic Sea Explorer.

We had a great week. We managed to free an unidentified wreck from ghost nets. In addition, the team was allowed to dive a new position. A large old lifeboat was found. Possibly it belonged to a cruise ship or a ferry. We are curious what we will find out.

At the end of the week, the whole team visited Nofir in Taurage. We delivered our salvaged nets in person this time and took the opportunity to see Nofir’s work on site. It was really impressive. This last project week 2021 in Lithuania definitely made us want to do more. The new project weeks 2022 will be coming soon.

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