Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project 2021, Projectweek 2

From 21.08. to 28.08.2021 the second Baltic Sea Heritage Project project week 2021 took place in Lithuania. During this week we worked on the wrecks of the Elbing IX and the SS Edith Bosselmann. The current situation of the ghost nets located at the wrecks was documented. Fortunately, we were able to discover only one small new net on the Elbing IX this year. Our main work was the detailed documentation with the help of pictures and videos. These will be shown next year in an exhibition at the Lithuanian Sea Museum in Klaipede. The participants of the project week were also allowed to dive a new position. At the moment not much can be said about the new object found there…. On the last day of the five possible diving days this week we were able to dive the wreck of the Carl Zeiss. The Carl Zeiss is a historically interesting wreck, which lies near the harbor entrance of Klaipeda.

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