Project plans for this year

Even if nobody really knows what the next few months will bring, we would like to start planning our next project weeks.
What new is that the Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project will be organised from Germany. Registrations for the project weeks go through our German association
It is important that everyone who wants to take part in the project weeks in Lithuania is a member of the association. This is necessary for insurance reasons.
We will initially run 4 project weeks in 2021. Dates can be found here.
Participation in the project weeks is the unique opportunity to dive in partly completely untouched wrecks and to be there while their exciting stories are cleared up. Here you get the opportunity that every wreck diver dreams of, to be among the first to see these contemporary witnesses of history. By helping to rescue ghost nets, you can actively help save the Baltic Sea, its inhabitants and the wrecks from being destroyed by plastic waste.

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