BAUER KOMPRESSOREN gives compressor to environmental organization

The Baltic Sea Nature & Heritage Protection Association is active in Lithuania and the western Baltic Sea. The aim of the German non-profit association based in Berlin is to carry out environmental and archaeological projects throughout the Baltic Sea. In Lithuania he supports the Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project, or “BSHRP” for short, in the recovery of ghost nets, the search, identification and documentation of wrecks. Ghost nets are (not only) a big problem in the Baltic Sea.

The lost fishing nets have, in part, almost completely enveloped shipwrecks that are valuable from a cultural point of view, doomed fish and other marine life, and store toxic heavy metals, sometimes decomposing into microplastics, releasing toxic substances. The association has set itself the goal of uncovering the wrecks and recovering the nets in cooperation with the archaeological institute of the Lithuanian University of Klaipeda. Since the technically highly demanding cold water dives take place at depths of 40 to 100 meters on average, where there is a risk of regulator icing in humid air and where long decompression stops have to be observed, high-purity air is vital here. BAUER is supporting this curated and important project with a mobile compressor system of the type PE-TE 250, which will be installed on board the research vessel. Board member Rolandas Schön, tech diver and compressor manager in one, came to the BAUER factory today to receive the system personally after a factory tour and detailed briefing. Tomorrow he will set off on the 1,800-kilometer journey by car to the deployment area with his valuable cargo in the trunk.

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