BOOT 2020 is behind us

BOOT 2020 is behind us. It was 9 busy and successful days.
For the first time we had our own booth at Europe’s largest fair for water sports with our Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project.
In Hall 12, under the flag of, we were able to hold many interesting conversations and were very well received for our project.
We would like to thank everyone who visited us at our booth and found out about our project. Thanks also to the visitors of our stage performances and diving tower demonstrations. It was great fun.
The BOOT is also an opportunity every year to meet old and new sponsors and supporters.
We would like to thank you once again for all the support that we from Seareq Enos Security System, o2 Rescue, SCURION, SCUBAPRO, SEAYA, DiverTug Int, Tekline, AS-Tekdive, Liquid Sports, FOURTH ELEMENT, WETNOTES, divers jewelry Eva Baumgartner, SURFACE MARKER, DIVE Mashinery, Tom’s dive shop and many more.
Thank you to everyone who participated in our auctions. You helped us a lot.

We would like to thank Holger Buss, who helped us with his idea to print bells in 3D. And who was on site on all 9 days of the fair to patiently provide information about the archaeological part of our project. Tom Kürten and Rolandas Schön also did a very good job with their daily demonstrations in the diving tower of the THW. Many thanks to both of them.
Linas Doublys, the captain of the NZ55, had traveled from Lithuania to present his ship and the diving opportunities off the coast of Lithuania and to support the Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project.

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