Dive at wreck Prezidentas Smetona

Story of Sabine Kerkau at UnterWasserWelt.de about dive at wreck Prazidentas Smetona:

Every wreck diver has his “Mt. Everest ”, a wreck that he definitely wants to dive. The personal “peak” of my diving career was the HMHS Britannic, at least I thought.
I heard about Prezidentas Smetona for the first time almost two years ago. A wreck with great historical significance for Lithuania, it is the wreck of the first and only warship that Lithuania owned in the years of independence between 1918 and 1940.
The Prezidentas Smetona was built in Germany in 1917. The ship served as a minelayer in the German Navy and was sold to a Parisian company in 1922. In 1927 it was taken over by Lithuania. The former minelayer was upgraded and named Prezidentas Smetona after the first president of the young Lithuanian republic. In 1940 the Prezidentas Smetona passed into the possession of the Russian Navy as spoils of war. The warship was dismantled and used again as a minelayer. It was renamed in Otlichnik and later in Korall. In 1945 the coral sank off Tallinn, it probably ran into a mine.
The dream of every Lithuanian diver is to see this wreck with their own eyes. My colleagues from the Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project were no exception.


What I see here is so incredible that I can hardly believe my eyes. Everything is here! And the condition is incredible.

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